The New Field

Performative durational work

May 1 – June 30, 2016
Artists-In-Residence, Art Gallery of Ontario

August 1-September 27, 2017:
The Walk

In the New Field, Public Studio walk the entirety of the 900km Bruce Trail while actively exploring the question: What does deconolisation look like?

Along the trail, Public Studio were joined by artists, activists, scientists, writers, curators, philosophers, educators, and youth groups to activate the footpath as a way of sharing knowledge across a diverse public. They were joined by Indigenous writer and scholar Lenore Keeshig, director of Jumblies Theater Ange Loft, director of the Bruce Trail Conservancy Beth Gilhespy, activist and educator Syrus Marcus Ware, multidisciplinary artist Diane Borsato and curator and critic Amish Morell.

September 30, 2017:
Creative Time Closing Ceremony

The walk culminated at the AGO with Public Studio leading the closing ceremony for the Creative Time Summit: Of Homelands and Revolutions in collaboration with artists Ange Loft and  Hiba Abdallah during which they asked the Canadian government to consider adopting the principles in the Declaration of Rights of Nature as part of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in a participatory public reading of the rights.

Check out the Rights of Nature publication here.