Drone Wedding

Ryerson Image Centre, Toronto, Canada
September 17 – December 19, 2014

Mechanized apparatuses record millions of images every day, documenting people’s lives—often without their awareness or permission. The present age of drone reconnaissance and warfare, in particular, has emerged in concert with a state of pervasive surveillance in societies worldwide. In the newly-commissioned video Drone Wedding, artist collective Public Studio explores the perceptual implications of the automated imagery generated by drone technology.

Sound: Anna Friz; Editing: Jared Raab and Josh Schonblum, Video Programming: Josh Schonblum.


Till drones do us part, feature on Drone Wedding at the Ryerson Image Centre, September 2014 by Emma Gamulin (LINK BROKEN)

Video exhibit ‘Drone Wedding’ asks tough questions about surveillance, video interview with Elle Flanders and Tamira Sawatzky for The Globe and Mail (Produced by Sherrill Sutherland), September 22 2014