Weather Patterns

Public artwork – installation with video, fabric, BHV, Paris

We have made ourselves the centre of the universe, but in fact the universe is the centre of us. 

The spiral creates two distinct experiences – that of the periphery – in which you encounter the sounds of weather from cities across Canada – and that of the sheltered interior – in which you are immersed in a universe of weather. The fabric eludes not only to shelter, but to the patterning of our lives. Patterns guide us, they organize surfaces and structures in a consistent manner, flowing, branching, spiralling, packing and cracking. We find patterns in nature, in history, in fashion, in art and music – they are principles of art and the universe. We bring you into our abstracted landscape, a series of blues and greens with the sky above, a small shelter that allows us to imagine ourselves as small components that pattern the universe.