We Are All Animals

Toronto, September 2015
Three-piece permanent public art installation commissioned by Daniels Corporation

With Lili Huston-Herterich, Program Design by Josh Schonblum with the assistance of Yifat Shaik, Brandy Yang, Christopher Jadoo, and OCAD Digital Futures Initiative students.

We Are All Animals is a public art installation situated in the public plaza of a new residential development designed by Diamond Schmitt Architects. Sited on the edge of High Park, one of Toronto’s largest urban parks, the work addresses the co-existence of ecology, environmentalism and technology. Facing the street and the park, the large LED screen functions as a landscape tableau. A randomly generated environment built with digital gaming software presents a landscape changing over the course of days, months, years. The polygon-based build of the digital 3D modelled forms is mimicked in the design of the two limestone coyotes sitting expectantly at the edge of the courtyard. A bronze touchstone by the entry is inscribed with a text that reminds us that we, too, are of nature-—that “we are all animals.”