Moss Park Redevelopment

Integrated public art

Public Studio in collaboration with MJMA and West 8

Moss Park is a collaboration between Public Studio, architecture firm MJMA, and Dutch landscape-architect firm West 8. Together they are working on an inclusive multifaceted project that integrates art, architecture and landscape within an exceptionally complex community. Moss Park is a neighbourhood comprised of a multitude of cultures, marginalized populations, families, new immigrants, and the elderly, and is also host to the issues of gentrification and homelessness.

Using the fairground – a space that deconstructs and reconstructs itself – as a motif, we are proposing an integrated public art-scape that is nomadic in nature, that involves community participation, and that expresses impermanence through the reuse of materials from the site itself. The art program will exist on a variety of scales in relation to the architecture and the park, and will question how public space can once again be used as a platform for connection, discourse, and change.