What Isn’t There

An outdoor video installation by Public Studio
Thursday, May 22, 2014, 8pm – Midnight
Milky Way alleyway between Elm Grove and Cowan, Toronto, Canada

What Isn’t There is an ongoing art project documenting the sites where Palestinian villages once stood. This version, a four-channel outdoor video installation, plays with notions of time by tearing at the seams of photography and film, and presenting the Israel-Palestine conflict as ranging from the mundane, to the sublime, to the absurd—as a bestiary, a map, and a place that doesn’t exist.

Team: Tamira Sawatzky and Elle Flanders camera, directing, producing; Anna Friz: composer and sound design; Jared Raab: editing; Darby Macinnis: editing; Josh Schonblum: additional editing and tech design; Seth Hisiger: installation build; and Lili Huston Herterich: Production Supervisor and Studio Manager, Public Studio.