Public Window: Sagan Editions – see what happens, Darby Milbrath

Public Studio is pleased to host three new exhibitions curated by Sagan Editionssee what happens is a series of three solo exhibitions curated by Sagan MacIsaac featuring artists Darby Milbrath, Naomi Yasui and Laura Mccoy in Public Window. Happenstance, play, and pleasure emerge in the multi-disciplinary works, which include ‘failed’ ceramic vessels by Yasui, a ‘boldly linear’ hand-painted installation by Milbrath and ‘poetically impulsive’ sculptural works by Mccoy. The artists will mount these new site-specific works to the Public Window space.

Blinds, Darby Milbrath
June 24 – July 29, 2016

Trained as a contemporary dancer, Darby Milbrath is a multi disciplinary artist currently focusing on drawing and painting. Darby is the chief advisor and Toronto correspondent for The Editorial Magazine. She is based in Toronto, Canada.